New Server / Some Links Not Working / Access To Old GB Top 25 Tables

The FTP service of the original web hosting service for has broken down and shows no signs of being fixed in the foreseeable future, so I am in the process of moving the site to a new hosting service. Most of the old pages will be moved over in due course but this may take a while, since I compile this site in my spare time and keeping the current tables up to date is my main priority.

Links from the home page to stats currently available on the new site

GB top 25 menís & womenís tables from 2017 week 10 onwards (usually updated every day)

Davis Cup & Fed Cup stats (up to the end of 2016 for now, will be brought fully up to date soon)

Brits in ATP Challenger Finals 2000- (updated as they occur)

Career best wins (updated by Helen Parish on a separate site as she becomes aware of them)

WTA Best 16 and ATP Best 18 counting scores lists (the GB player-by-player lists are updated weekly)

All the stats below the tweets section (these have not been updated since early 2015 but I will bring them up to date again when I get the chance)

GB top 25 tables from previous years

If you click theĒ1 year agoĒ link on the current tables, you will get a page not found error until these tables have been moved to the new site. In the meantime, you can get hold of the older tables as follows:

GB menís tables:

GB womenís tables:

where YYYY is the year and WW the week number.

The menís tables are available from 2008wk01 onwards and the womenís tables from 2005wk25 onwards, excluding 2015wk12-2015wk50 and 2016wk49-2017wk09, for which no tables were produced, though I intend to fill in some or all of the missing tables at some point, particularly the latter group for which I was maintaining paper records, which you may have seen me tweeting pictures of each week as substitutes for the real tables.

BOTB Ďpick Ďemí competition results and archive reports / interviews

Your past BOTB achievements have not been lost, though none of the links on the Competitions page work at the moment. The old results pages will be easy to retrieve and transfer to the new server if the old hostís FTP access is ever restored, so I will wait a bit longer in the hope that can overcome their current problems. If not, I will recreate what I can in due course and put it on the new server at a later date.


Please tweet any questions to me @gbtennis or post them on the forum on the thread.

I hope itís good to have the tables back and thank you for your (ongoing) patience

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